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18th May 2022


The decision to seek psychotherapy or counselling for the first time is a positive one. There are times when we all need help to deal with the pressures of day to day living and it is a sign of strength rather than weakness to ask for this help. Psychotherapy/Counselling provides us with the time and space to reflect on how we are living our lives, on how we would like to be, and on the choices we are making. From time to time, each of us may feel deeply dissatisfied and frustrated with how we are living our lives and may need to speak to someone who is professionally trained and skilled in the art of listening. Psychotherapy or counselling can help us to gain a better understanding of our behaviour and can enable us to move forward by facing up to, rather than avoiding our frustrations. The decision to seek therapy may not come easily and it is important that you find the right therapist, a therapist that you can trust . I offer a safe confidential space to my clients where they can explore their deepest concerns and challenge themselves.

The essential elements of psychotherapy/counselling are a therapist, a client and a regular agreed time and place to meet. The relation between therapist and client is central. The process consists of paring away all that stands between them -the roles, the masks,the lies, the defences, the anxieties, - everything that gets in the way of an authentic relationship.R.D. Laing describes it as "an obstinate attempt of two people to recover the wholeness of being human through the relationship between them".

I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist and counsellor,with twelve years experience. I practise in StokeNewington and Islington, both in North London and in Holborn, which is in central London. I see clients for short -term solution-focussed counselling and for longer-term open-ended psychotherapy.

I have not always been a therapist. In the past I've worked as a secondary school teacher. I have also worked as an independent bookseller and for many years worked for a homeless charity. At present, beside my practice, I work as a visiting lecturer in the Department of Psychotherapy and Psychology in Regent's University, London and as a clinical supervisor for Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham. (MITHN).
Of special concern to me is the impact highly pressurised working lives have on one's capacity to enjoy family and leisure time. I have first hand experience of the pressures of working in the education and caring professions and the daily worries and stresses of running your own business and I have much experience of working as a counselor to these groups.

I have experience of working with the following presenting issues.

Abuse, Addiction(s), Adoption, Anger Management, Anxiety,Bereavement, Cancer,Cultural Issues, Depression, General Counselling,Identity Problems, Loss,Men's Issues,Personal Development, Redundancy, Relationships,Self-Esteem,Self-Harm, Sexual Identity, Shame, Spirituality,Stress,Trauma,Work-Related issues, Retirement.
If you wish to make an initial appointment or speak to me about my way of working you may ring or text me on 07890 207 252 or email me at frawleyoliver@yahoo.co.uk .

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